Welcome to the Special Gifts Store!

 Here you can order a following Digital Art: Cartoon Portrait, Cute Art (Portrait & Pet Illustrations), Custom Book (including Book Covers) & Commercial Illustration, Wedding Art & Invitations, Personalized Video Message (Say your Text / Hold Your Sign Footage) or Happy Birthday Greeting. “Digital Art” means that you receive completed work as a file in suitable format (.jpg, .pdf or .mp4 for video) and can use it for printing and framing. If you don’t see suitable option or have a specific idea, you can send a custom request and I will contact you directly to clarify all the details.

 Standard processing time is 5-7 days for each portrait or illustration (3-5 days for large orders) and 7-14 days for video.
Faster processing option is available for most of items as well.

 Please read the following designations of items and how orders are processed:

  • Cartoon Portrait is a Artistic 2D cartoon-ish interpretation of the provided photo. Good quality file (well-lit photo of depicted person in good resolution) required for outlining it. I will contact you for extra details (background, poses and outfits). After the payment, the first stage of work (fast outlines) will be sent to your email for your approval. Important: I use licensed backgrounds purchased at stock sites, please contact me for all the licensed background options before the order.

  • Cute Art, Including Custom Portraits, Lovestories, Travel and Pet Illustrations is a Hand-drawn Art created following your concept/description and references. Each option includes free sketching (1 sketch per illustration) as clarifying stage for creation of correct artwork.

  • Book Illustrations, Book Covers and Commercial Illustrations (“Artist for Hire”) is dedicated option for book printing and publishing. Every option includes the free rough sketch (1 per illustration) for creation of correct artwork. For the option of detailed sketches ($3/each) please contact me directly before the main stage. Page layout design included. Important: I do not recreate the drawing styles of other artists, as my style is unique and you can choose the most suitable level of details from the previews.

  • Wedding Art, Invitations, Save the Date is option for special events and occasions. Please contact me via Send a request form if you have personalized request.

  • Special Video Option includes the following offers: Personal Message (Say your Text / Hold Your Sign Footage) or Happy Birthday Greeting. For creating the footage, clear and simple instructions required from customer: message text, (.jpg or .png file for “Hold Your Sign” video) or name of the person mentioned in Happy Birthday Song.

 Returns and refund policy:

 For all digital items, I share each progress phase with my customers, so I can change any detail by request. In case of any disputes and quality claims, cancellation is possible anytime with full of partial refund depending on job completion. Full refund also possible for all items with “Fast Processing Time” option in case of missed deadlines.